Do you want to feel more at ease and have better relationships?

nancy_wesson_outdoorIncrease personal connections and make positive changes

As an experienced psychologist I know people come to counseling when they want to feel better and more cared about by others. I often help people who are socially isolated/anxious  or codependent and lack assertiveness. I often help people who feel they are missing something and want to talk to someone to sort this out. I provide warmth and psychological understanding, listening, coaching, and problem-solving.

Individual Counseling

Overcoming Shyness and Social Anxiety
Positive and successful change

  • Develop relationships which are satisfying and fun
  • Build your self confidence/self-esteem
  • Have more fun and feel more successful
  • Overcome social anxiety and shyness
  • Reduce Codependent behavior and get your needs met

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Couples Counseling

Couple Together
Find & strengthen the right relationship

  • Build a more fulfilling relationship
  • Resolve conflict in a healthy way
  • Work through commitment issues
  • Increase intimacy & fun in a relationship

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Relationship Advice

Find & strengthen the right relationship

  • Learn to meet people & find the right person
  • Take a closer look at commitment issues
  • Overcome the stress of a break-up
  • Build a healthy relationship

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Group Therapy

Group Therapy
Support & feedback for positive change

  • Improve your relationships
  • Eliminate codependency issues
  • Reduce depression & anxiety
  • Improve your self esteem
  • Meet new people

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